How to work

Welcome to Chattisgarh's own, National Steel Trading Platform.

Steelhaat is an integrated platform to join Manufacturers & Traders Online, to facilitate ease of Trading and Tracking of Dispatch & Payments.

Live Prices :

Our wide network of Manufacturers & Traders enables us to provide LIVE PRICES everyday and throughout the day to keep updated on the market scenario to make the right buying & selling decisions for your needs. Our Live Pricing Ticker  


Offers & Promotions

The Sellers can post their Offers along with Promotions to be sold during the day. The Site mandates to provide all the Quality parameters, Quantity and the Rate for the deal. The platform provides flexibility for Sellers to modify / delete the offers at any time as long as NO APPROVED SAUDA has been accepted by the Seller. The Sellers can review and approve OR reject any buy enquiries depending on the T&C and buying Party before Sauda Acceptance.           

Once the Trade is accepted and Sauda Patrak has been received, the Seller has to dispatch the goods in time with the committed Quality.

Payments can be tracked online depending on the payment conditions.

Steelhaat Consultants will always be available if there is any help or intervention required for facilitate of trade closure.

Buy & Sauda Patrak

The Buyers can post their Buy requests with mark down pricing request during the day. The Site mandates all buyers to have a daily limit for the maximum quantity to be bought by a trader. Once the Seller has ACCEPTED the buy request, the site provides flexibility to the buyer to still deny the Sauda within 15 minutes else the Sauda gets Auto Approved with a Sauda Patrak generated automatically.         

Once the Sauda Patrak has been generated, the Buyer has to receive the goods in time and execute the payment depending on the payment conditions.             

Steelhaat Consultants will always be available if there is any help or intervention required for facilitation of trade closure.


Dispute Resolution

Steelhaat Consultants are available should there be any dispute is Quality / Quantity / Timing of Payment etc to resolve the same between trading parties.

Analytics & Reporting

The platform provides extensive reports to track and account for all trades in its life cycle from Posting -> Payment -> Closure.              

The System is well equipped with live SMS & Email facilities to keep the Traders updated at all times.                 

Historical Trend Analysis can be provided additionally to support intelligent decision making by Traders.